2014 TT CUP Standings after LBI

LINK to the updated standings.

Email or IM me on FB for corrections.  I was still hypoxic when I did the results this week.

LBI 2014 edition was superb.  Nice weather, low wind, and the out and back seemed the right distance for early season.  Best of all, everyone set a new PR – congrats!!!

Jim and Chris sent a note on the bathroom situation which was unfortunate.

In terms of the Cup we are now 33% through the season with 4 of 12 events completed (Note Seaside is no longer part of the schedule due to road construction being off schedule). It’s been an incredibly competitive series thus far in most all groups and that is what we hope for.

Many, many races to go and anything can happen form here so keep training and racing hard.  See you all at High Point for the hill climb then it’s back to pointy helmets!!




TT CUP Standings through Allamuchy


LINK to current TT Cup Standings


Congrats to Chuck, Blake and their able assistants for finding a superb course to replace Readington.  Based on rider feedback, Allamuchy was a huge success and I’m certain it will grow over time as word gets out on this challenging new circuit course.

Next up for the pointy helmets –  Long Beach Island which will be event #4   LBI course is shorter than prior years.  Take a moment to look at the event notes included on the BikeReg page.

Questions on the TT CUP standings can be directed to me by email or in person.  Mistakes happen and are easily fixed.


Rider Notes:

1) Please do our promoters a favor and register early for Cup events. It helps with planning and if you are doing the series there is no sense waiting until the day of registration close to sign up.  You know you are going to race so get on Bike Reg and sign up early.

2) A couple riders have given marshals and/or officials a hard time. Unacceptable!!!!  Look for the officials and NJBA board to take a hard line on any rider acting in a manner not consistent with good sportsmanship. This is amateur bike racing people so get over yourselves and act like a adult. Abuse the marshals and they will stop VOLUNTEERING.

3) Individual TTs are supposed to be an individual effort. Please take a moment to review the rules regarding pacing and drafting in TTs. USAC Rulebook is online HERE

4) Let’s promote TTing to the larger cycling community.  If you are doing the series and having fun talk it up to your teammates. Bring a friend to a race and help them figure out how to do this great discipline. Non-TT class is a wonderful way to get started time trailing with a normal road bike.  You’ll have fun with more friends present and they’ll be better racers by spending time doing individual hard efforts in a competition setting.




2014 TT CUP Standings after Cape May

Congrats to Joe, Dottie and all of Team Somerset for another outstanding run at Cape May.

Click on the LINK and updated standings you will see.

Questions, omissions, complaints, outright mistakes, got your team name wrong because you haven’t updated your Bike Reg profile since 1989??  No problem, y’all just let me know and I’ll make it right for you at the next update.

-Mark Curran