TT CUP Updated Standings through Sandrino

Updated TT CUP standings through Sandrino can be found at this  LINK


Very nice job by the Caffeine Team today over in Mullica Hills.  It was a PR day for many which is always a good thing.


Next up is our only international race in the TT CUP and that is Silver Mine which as y’all know is held in Canada (*).  Get your passports out and be prepared for a great course and all the beer and back bacon you can eat eh!!!  Kidding of course about Canada as this is a running joke amongst TT CUP competitors. The race is actually just over the NJ border in Harriman State Park, NY.

NOTE !!!!!!!!!   Women and juniors are being offered FREE registration for this event.  Take advantage of this sweet deal from Team Westwood Velo and get out for the race.

Bike Reg LINK

Course Map LINK




Updated GSC Standings

Updated Garden State Cup standings can be found below. These do not include the team points from the ITT but do include the results from Somerdale Tour de Fish. This weekend’s Freedom Tour sees most categories in action.

Updated GSC Standings

TT CUP Standings through State TT (Blueberry)

Updated TT CUP standings available at this LINK

Kudos to Jason and the Pro Pedals team for an outstanding state TT.  100% professional and much appreciated.

Next race is Sandrino’s Sacrifice. A great race honoring a wonderful member of our community. Please come put and support the are and the Caffeinated Cyclist Team.  Bike REG at this LINK


NOTE to CUP Participants on POINTS from the State TT:  Converting the State TT results and 5 year age groups plus out of state riders requires combining combining multiple categories.  Mistakes are possible.  If you don’t understand your point assignment or I missed you in the standings please let me know and I’m happy to explain and or make corrections.  See me at one of the next three races to discuss.

Note to Out of State Riders (OOS):  We only include OOS riders in the standings and point assignments who have been active in the cup for a significant number of the prior 9 events and were known to be contesting the CUP overall.





TT CUP Standings after Oldman’s TT

Standings after Oldman’s TT are available at this LINK


Congrats to Ben Rocco and the team for an outstanding event this weekend. Nice venue and course, tons of marshals and an all around stupendous job.  Well done Ben and Team.

Kudos to Jim Bernstein for upping the timing game once again by implementing the finish line camera system.  It is insane how professional our timing and results are for an amateur series.

Next up is the State TT in the Blueberry fields.  Bring your full 40 km legs and plenty of cool drinks!

-Mark Curran


TT Cup Standings through Kingwood

TT CUP Standings after Kingwood can be found at this LINK

A bunch of fun races left in the cup so keep on racing y’all.  Next up is the Oldmans TT. Which despite its name, is open to men and women of all ages!!!

Go to Bike Reg and sign up by clicking this LINK