NJBA TT CUP 2015 Final Standings

Final TT CUP Standings following Flanders TT can be found by clicking this LINK

Superb season indeed for the 2015 TT CUP. Outstanding sportspersonship and competition, good battles in all the classes and high quality races from our promotors.  Whenever I race out of state in a TT its a revelation just how darn good our promoters, officials and time keepers are.  Already looking forward to planning for and participating in TT CUP 2016.

Cup awards will be handed out at the NJBA banquet. Date TBD but probably on the coldest and snowiest day in February. Or Superbowl Sunday, never can tell what Tom and the Board will decide <insert appropriate emoticon here>

Keep your eye on this NJBA site and the Facebook TT CUP page for links to the 2016 TT CUP rules and calendar. They will appear after the scheduling meeting such that all the pointy helmet loonies can plan their lives around the race schedule.

Very best of the fall and winter to y’all and thanks for coming out this season to TT with the gang!

–Mark Curran


TT CUP Standings after Silver Mine

TT CUP standings are updated after Silver Mine TT.

Click on the LINK

The Junior overall standings are complete as there are no junior categories available at Flanders which is the last TT CUP event of the season.  Congratulations to all of our juniors for outstanding racing this year!!  When viewing the standings remember to look at FINAL POINTS which takes drops into account.


Next and last TT CUP event of 2015 season is Flanders.  Bike Reg  LINK


Congrats to Westwood on another excellent Silver Mine TT.  This is a world class course in a great location and the race went off perfectly.