TT CUP Standings After LBI

TT CUP standings are updated after LBI. Spreadsheet can be found at this LINK

LBI racers enjoyed great conditions as the rain ended early, the temperatures were mild and the wind was low.  Fast times and many personal best’s were set. A few riders unfortunately suffered flat tires, a couple more had trouble with the turnaround and at least one TREK Madone exploded causing great stress to it’s rider.

Four races into the CUP and while it is clear who the overall contenders are, there are no obvious run aways for the overalls. Good junior and women participation this year and a huge number of Non-TT and Cat 4 and 4/5 riders.  Fantastic to see so many new and old faces out hitting the TT circuit.

As always, any issues or questions with the standings drop me a note or see me at the next race.

NEXT UP for the CUP is High Point.  This is one of our unique races. While TT Bikes are permitted, most riders will opt for a lightweight road machine on this course. IF the weather holds up could be another race with a lot of PRs.  See you all at the hill.


TT CUP Standings after Sandy Hook

TT CUP Standings after Allamuchy and Sandy Hook are available. Please click the LINK

We were fortunate to have two outstanding weather days and organization by Chuck Crocco and team at Allamuchy and Jim Bernstein taking care of affairs at Sandy Hook.  Well done gents.  It could be years before we see conditions like that at Sandy Hook again. Hope everyone got their PRs.

The battles are starting to shape up and the new points scheme is keeping it close in all classes. A couple riders are undefeated but in most cats a dominant rider has yet to emerge.  LBI will continue to sort the pecking order but I’m predicting a season long battle for most of the CUPs.

See y’all in LBI. Weather forecast looks brilliant so expecting fast times again for the pointy helmet (and Eddy…) crowd.

As always, any questions or errors let me know.


TT CUP Standings after Cape May

TT CUP Standings following Cape May can be found here: LINK


NOTE TO RIDERS:  If your name is listed in RED text you are either not a member of a USAC team/club or your team/club has not registered with the NJBA.  Riders who do not meet the qualifications for CUP competition (currently listed in red text) will be removed from the standings at the next update. Next update will be Sunday afternoon following race #3 at Sandy Hook.

NO points will be awarded retrospectively so if you want to chase the CUP overall please get your team affiliations and registrations sorted out.

Bike Reg link to register with NJBA is:


This coming weekend looks great. Allamuchy on Saturday and Sandy Hook on Sunday.  Get those pointy helmets out and join us!