TT CUP Standings after Upper Freehold

TT CUP standings updated through Upper Freehold are available at this LINK

Big thanks to Jim Bernstein for finding a suitable venue for this year’s race with very short notice.  Racers who don’t see what happens behind the curtain to make these races happen don’t realize how much effort it takes to put on a quality event.

In addition to Jim’s efforts, big thanks to the large number of volunteer marshals, our USA Cycling officials and extra special shout out to Teresa for special parking considerations.

Upper Freehold was race #7 in the TT CUP and after a couple months of non-stop time trials we now take a short break. Best of luck to our racers heading south to North Carolina for Nationals.

See everyone at Oldman’s TT.  No need to wait for registration, the BikeReg page is up. Just click HERE


TT CUP Standings after Somerset Circuit

TT CUP Standings after Somerset Circuit can be found clicking the LINK

Super job by Brian, Chuck, Joe, Dottie, Fran, Betty, and the entire Somerset Team for putting on another great race on behalf of NJ racers!

Next race in the CUP is Upper Freehold.  UF is the seventh race in the series and for many of us marks the end of the first half of the TT Cup series. After UF we have a bit of a break to recharge, fine tune that power curve and get excited for the last five events of the CUP.

But first we have Upper Freehold and some important notes:

Due to bridge construction on the normal UF course, this year’s UF is on a brand new and very exciting circuit course. It is technically challenging on some very nice roads around Clayton Park in Cream Ridge NJ.

Details and registration are available on the BIKE REG page HERE

The nature of the new course is technical and will require riders to pay close attention to how they are riding. The promoter and USAC officials note that a STRICT yellow line rule is in effect. This means if riders are observed crossing the yellow they will be DQ’d. No warning shots, you won’t get a time and you won’t get points. We’re all in this for the competition and fun but SAFETY is the number one concern out there so take care.

Finally, a community announcement:

For Cup and other racers interesting in more TT information please be aware of the Facebook group NJ Time Trial Cup Cycling Series (HERE).  In this group you’ll find witty TT related banter, links to race info CUP and other, and links to photography from the various events.






TT CUP Standings after High Point Hill Climb

NJBA TT CUP Overall standings after High Point Hill Climb are updated and may be viewed by clicking on this LINK


Nice day up in High Point. Rain moved out over night, roads were dry, very light winds and quite pleasant temperatures for race day.

Congrats to Wayne and Team Skylands for another outstanding ride up the big hill. We’ll see you good folks again soon at the Giro Di Cielo

Somerset Circuit is up next Saturday followed a week later by Upper Freehold.  Both of these circuit TTs offer challenging courses with rollers and technical bits. Fitness, pacing and technical skills on the bike will all be rewarded on the circuit TTs. Bike Reg links posted below and riders are encouraged to enter early to help promoters with planning for parking and porta-johns.

Bike Reg link for Somerset Circuit

Bike Reg link for Upper Freehold


RIDER Notes for upcoming TT CUP races:

1) Yellow line rule is strictly enforced at circuit TT’s. Officials and cameras will be in use. If a rider breaks this rule they will be DQ’d.

2) Roads are open to traffic in both directions. Volunteer Marshals will be posted and these volunteers are there for your safety only.  Please know the courses, keep alert, follow marshall directions, pay attention to your ride and be mindful out there.

4) Note the word “volunteer” which precedes the word “marshal” in the above sentences. Promoters and clubs cannot stress strongly enough that the circuit races cannot happen without the unpaid volunteers.  Riders who in any way are disrespectful to our volunteers will at a minimum be DQ’d from the race.

5) There is a new course for Upper Freehold and a new start / parking area. Check the bike reg notes and familiarize yourself with the new venue and course ahead of time.