2016 NJBA TT Cup Final Standings

Final standings for the 2016 NJBA Time Trial Cup can be found at this link:


We’ll call it condition for a couple weeks. Any issues or questions contact me directly please. Before asking about points for Silver Mine / NJ State TT, remember that multiple groups get combined to form the structure necessary to determine the Cup categories and points.

Congrats to all participating athletes on a stupendous TT CUP for 2016.

Will look forward to seeing everyone at the NJBA banquet and of course back at it soon enough for TT CUP 2017.


Updated GSC Standings

The Garden State Cup Standings have been updated following Flanders TT. The final event of the season is next weekend’s Tour of Basking Ridge. The only individual cup that hasn’t been decided is the 45+ and will come down to the final event with 2 riders separated by only 2 points. Congrats to all the winners for another great season of racing. The team competition will conclude this weekend at the State ITT.

Updated Standings

TT CUP Standings after Flanders ITT

TT Cup Standings after Flanders can be found at this LINK


Great job today by Team Somerset, promotor Chuck Crocco, time keeper Jim Bernstein and our USAC officials.

Many thanks to all the marshals who spent the morning out on course helping with RIDER SAFETY.



Next up and FINAL race of the 2016 TT CUP is Silver Mine which also doubles as the NJBA State Championships. BikeReg LINK

Steve Goldman and the WestWood crew guarantee a first class event.  Note that Juniors and Women will race free. Follow directions on the registration page. Awesome of Steve and the Team to make this happen and furthers their commitment to probating bike racing and time trailing. Chapeau!!



RIDER NOTE: There are a ton of classes available for the Silver Mine race and there is a lot going on.  If you are chasing TT CUP points make sure you enter the right class at Silver Mine.

TT CUP Rules are at this LINK

** There is no Out Of State class this year so ignore the out of state part. Non-NJ racers just enter the class you want cup points in.

** Non-TT  (Eddy) CUP Riders must enter Non-TT class for Cup points.

** Cat 4/5 Men must enter Open Men or 30+ Men to get TT CUP points in Cat 4/5.

** Open Men can enter either Open men or 30-34. These two groups are summed for TT CUP Points

** NJ Aero TT Women – Enter your age group and fight for State Championships. I’ll sort it all out by time for cup points 4/5 and Open (good luck ladies!!!)

** NJ Master Men – enter the right group please and remember that states are 5 year increments vs our normal 10. For example for 35+ CUP points the 35-39 and 40-44 groups are combined. The 45+ and 55+ Overall Cup races are tight but I know the guys duking it out know the game. Good luck fellows and congrats on huge entry numbers and a great series in 45+ and 55+ this year.

** CRCA riders doing TT CUP who want to contest the CRCA championships: Just let me know ahead of time and I’ll place you for Cup points by time. This is only for CRCA riders who have been contesting the CUP all year, I’m not chasing one offs (thanks for understanding).



QUESTIONS on State entries ask me before you enter and copy Chuck Crocco by email.  Please put “TT CUP – NJ States Question” in the subject line.  We may not be available to answer questions at the last minute so if you wait until day of entry close to ask it is at your peril.


TT CUP Standings after Kingwood

TT CUP Standings after Kingwood are available at this LINK

Tnx to Jim “Full Gas” Bernstein and our officials for a fine 10 mile trip down route 29.

Next up is Flanders. It is suggested that riders read the RULES for this event carefully. NOTE that while all riders will race on road bikes (no TT machines, Disk wheels, or aero extensions) the equipment rules for Open and Non-TT are NOT identical.

Any questions for Flanders contact the promoter.

Bike Reg for Flanders available at this LINK

With two events left it is very close across almost all of the classes. Flanders and Silver Mine will play a big role in determining the overall Cup podiums.

TT CUP Standings after Blueberry TT

NJBA TT CUP Standings after Blueberry are available at this LINK

Many thanks to Jason and Pro Pedals for another fine race in the blueberry fields.  Already looking forward to next year and doing it again.

With three events to go almost every class is still a fight to the finish. See everyone at Kingwood for the ten mile blast down route 29.

Bike Reg for Kingwood TT is available at this LINK