Category 3 Cup

2019 Category 3 Cup Schedule

April 28BLP 2209 GP
May 25Bound Brook* (State Crit Championship)
May 27Tour of Somerville
June 1Watermelon Crit
June 2Tour de Fish
June 9Riverton
June 22Upper Freehold ITT
June 30CCE Crit
July 6-7Giro del Cielo (GC)
July 13Eddy TT
TBDFreedom Tour
TBDJersey Devil RR* (Senior RR Championship)
* Denotes Individual and Team Event. Riders will still receive individual points and the team points will be calculated as detailed below.



  1. This competition is open to each USA Cycling licensed rider eligible for Category 3 races, regardless of age class, whose license shows New Jersey residency.
  2. The rider must belong to a NJBA club. Riders and Clubs will not earn points until the club has officially joined the NJBA by submitting an application and paying annual dues. Out of state clubs can become NJBA members if they have riders licensed in New Jersey.
  3. Points are awarded according to the attached schedule. Ties are broken by totaling the number of 1st place finishes, then 2nd place finishes, then 3rd place finishes, etc., until a clear winner is established.
  4. Points will not be awarded for an event having a date change after April 1.
  5. The rider must be a registered member of a team (as noted in the USA Cycling Rider Database) as of two (2) weeks prior to an event in order to earn points for that event.
  6. A rider changing clubs mid-season will keep the individual points already earned. Any team points previously earned will remain with the original team. Each rider is allowed one (1) team change per season. Any rider changing teams more than once will be ineligible for individual or team points as of the second team change. A rider changing teams to a non-NJBA club will lose all points and eligibility as of that team change.
  7. A rider upgraded during the series will retain the points already earned and will still be eligible for overall awards, but will no longer be eligible to earn additional points.
  8. Each rider is responsible for properly registering for each event (see NJBA schedule for events and fliers).
  9. Scoring is based on the official results issued by the Chief Judge from each event and the rider receives points based on their actual finish position. Protests are to be lodged at the event within the 15 minutes allowed for protests after results are posted. Changes will not be made after the official protest period has ended.
  10. Cup points for the Time Trials are awarded to the ten best times of all Category 3 racers regardless of which age-graded event they enter. It is the rider’s responsibility to inform the registration staff of their category so it may be indicated properly on the results.
  11. Cup points for the State Road and Criterium Championships are awarded in the Category 3 race only.
  12. All decisions made by the NJBA Cat 3 Cup committee are considered final.
  13. A leader’s jersey will be provided to the rider leading in points every time the lead changes. The leader’s jersey MUST be worn in all mass start Cup races or no points will be awarded in that event to the leader.
  14. Points are earned as follows:

    Category 3 Cup Individual Points Schedule

  15. We will drop each riders lowest score within his or her class. This is a mandatory drop. Thus, nine (9) events will be scored for the individual cup.
  16. The term Lowest Score shall be deemed to include any race where a rider in fact completes the race and receives a placing or score or Cup points, as well as any race in which a rider started but “Did Not Finish”, or any race in which a rider “Did not Start”, or any race in which a rider failed to register and compete. Hence, a rider need not race a race to drop that particular race. Thus, a DNS, DNF or Failed to Register/Compete shall be considered “scores” for the sake of the mandatory dropping of scores.
  17. For events included in the team competition, results are calculated by adding the individual points earned for up to three riders from each team as detailed directly above. Teams with the ten highest individual point totals (highest being 1st place) are then awarded placing points as shown below. Ties of individual points totals will be broken with the better placing going to the team having highest individual ranking for that event.
  18. At the end of the season, the final individual standings will be used to determine the ‘Team General Classification’, which will be the final ‘event’ in the team competition. Final GC standings will be calculated in the same manner as any other team event, with the top three riders’ individual GC points being used to determine that team’s placing. Ties of team points totals will be broken with the better placing going to the team having highest individual GC ranking.