Cat 4/5 Women’s Cup

2019 Category 4/5 Women's Cup Schedule

April 6Cherry Blossom
April 13Allamuchy Time Trial
May 11Bear Mountain Classic Road Race
May 25Bound Brook State Criterium Championships
May 27Tour of Somerville
June 8Historic Riverton Criterium
June 1Watermelon Criterium
June 22Upper Freehold Time Trial
July 6-7Giro del Cielo General Classification
July 13Eddy State Championship Time Trial
August 4State Championship Road Race - Jersey Devil
2019 Category 4/5 Women's Cup Schedule



The NJBA Women’s Category 4/5 Cup is open to all Category 4 and 5 women racers of all ages. You do not have to live in the State of New Jersey to participate in the Cup, however riders must belong to an NJBA club. Riders will not earn points until the club has officially registered with the NJBA by submitting and application and paying annual dues (search for NJBA on Bikereg.) Out of state clubs can become NJBA members if they have licensed riders in the state of New Jersey. Simply register for (and start) any of the races on the Cup schedule and you will be included in the Cat 4/5 Cup Standings.


Riders may pre-register for NJBA Women’s Category 4/5 Cup races online. Online registration options may include, but not be limited to and Preference for online registration method may vary among promoters, so check race flyers for the appropriate registration site(s). We encourage all riders to pre-register for races as it assists the promoter in running the event and reduces your chance of being excluded from a race which meets its field limit. One (1) point will be awarded to each rider for each race for each race for which they pre-register. Note that same day registration is available for some, but not all, races. For example, Time Trial events generally do not permit registration on the day of the event since start times are determined prior to each time trial. Ensure your participation in each Cat 4/5 Cup event by pre-registering!


Women participating in the Cup must register in the Cat 4/5 field if available. Eddy fields will not qualify for points. Time trial bikes and equipment are legal in all races that offer regular TT fields. In cases like the State Championship TT, participants may register for their appropriate age group, and times for all Cat 4/5 riders will be ranked across all age groups.


1. A racer’s final point total for the Women’s Cat 4/5 Cup competition will consist of the rider’s best 10 finishes in the 11 races comprising the series (e.g. drop your worst race.)
2. For single day races, points will be awarded according to the table shown below. Cat 4/5 Cup points for the stage race will be determined based upon overall general classification standings at the end of the three stages.
3. In addition to placement points, racers will receive one additional bonus point for each race for which they pre-register.
4. In races where Cat 4/5 women are combined with other fields, Cat 4/5 racers will be scored separately.
5. Standings will be updated following each event and posted online at

Points for single day races, and final GC placement for the Giro del Cielo are awarded as follows:

Category 4/5 Women's Cup Individual Points Schedule



In the event that two or more riders are listed in the official results with the same time (or place), both riders will be given the point value of the highest place, and no rider will be given the point value of the lower place(s). For example, if two riders tie for third in a race, each of the riders will be given the points for third place, and no rider will be given points for fourth place.


For the 2017 season, we will have fourteen (14) events with the lowest two scores dropped. In determining the final computation of the Women’s Cat 4/5 Cup Series total points for each rider, the final computation will automatically drop the riders’ lowest score as noted below.

The term Lowest Score includes any races where a rider in fact completes the race and receives a placing or score or Cup points, as well as any races which a rider started but “Did Not Finish”, or any races which a rider “Did not Start”, or any race for which a rider failed to register and compete. Hence, a rider need not race a race to drop that particular race.


Riders who upgrade from Category 4 can no longer participate in Cat 4/5 Cup races. Riders who upgrade will, however, retain all Cup points earned prior to upgrading and will be eligible to receive overall finisher prizes.


2016 Cat 4 Cup Champions
1st Place: Amanda Rinderer – Beachwood Bicycles
2nd Place: Robin Wahl – Peddler’s Shop Racing
3rd Place: Leisha Jackucewicz – Beachwood Bicycles

2015 Cat 4 Cup Champions
1st Place: Denise Scala – Highland Park Hermes
2nd Place: Breigh Chadwick – Action Wheels Bike Shop
3rd Place: Nikki Ragonese – Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell

2014 Cat 4 Cup Champions
1st Place: Katie Van Horn – Action Wheels
2nd Place: Erin Mandato – Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell Riptide
3rd Place: Maryanne Caruso – DNK Cycling

2013 Cat 4 Cup Champions
1st Place Jennifer DeFalco – Colavita/ESPN
2nd Place Julia Simon – Houlihan Lokey
3rd Place Anastasia Yanchilina – Houlihan Lokey

2012 CAT 4 Cup Champions
1st Place – Helen Hatch of CRCA: Innervation Fitness/Stan’s NoTubes
2nd Place- Donna Tozer of Caffeinated Cyclist Racing P/B Dental Assoc.
3rd Place-Jennifer DeFalco of Colavita/espn W NJ ends up with third.

2011 CAT 4 Cup Champions
1st Place Andrea Brennan- Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell
2nd Place Sue Seyboldt- Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell
3rd Place Valerie Gould- Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell

2010 CAT 4 Cup Champions
1st Place Amy Cutler- Team EPS/CSS
2nd Place Andrea Maher- Team Jimenez
3rd Place Beth Renner – Team EPS/CSS

2009 CAT 4 Cup Champions
1st Place Stacey Barbossa- Montclair Cyclists
2nd Place Lisa Maxted- Rocket Racing/Cycles 54
3rd Place Erin Mascelli- Watchung Wheelmen

2008 CAT 4 Cup Champions
1st Place Cyndi Steiner- Montclair Cyclists
2nd Place Jan Curren- Team EPS/CSS/Riptide Racing
3rd Place Joy Smith- Team Somerset

2007 CAT 4 Cup Champions
1st Place Katherine Russell- Team Somerset
2nd Place Anne Raccioppi- CSE/CSS/Riptide Racing
3rd Place Elaine Molinaro- Montclair Cyclists