Rusty Potts U19 Cup

2018 Rusty Potts U19 Cup Schedule

March 31Sandy Hook TT
April 14Allamuchy TT
May 5Somerset Circuit TT
May 12Bear Mountain Classis (Jr Road Race Championship)
May 20Plainfield Criterium (Jr State Championship)
May 28Tour of Somerville (M 15-16 only)
June 2Watermelon Crit
June 23Kingwood TT
July 1State Championship TT
July 29Tour of Ft. Lee
September 3Tour of Basking Ridge

The Rusty Potts U19 Cup competition challenges New Jersey’s young athletes to compete throughout a full season of bicycle races from late March until early September.

Cups are awarded in each age group.

Men 10-12
Men 13-14
Men 15-16
Women 10-12
Women 13-14
Women 15-18

Points will be awarded for each age group as follows:

1st place = 5 points
2nd place = 4 points
3rd place = 3 points
4th place = 2 points
all other finishers will be awarded 1 point
DNF or DNS = 0 points

All riders must be members of NJBA clubs before the final event in the competition.

This edition of the Rusty Potts U19 Cup will comprise several challenging events, representing 3 disciplines of the sport.

• Time Trials
• Criteriums
• Road Races

The competition aims to rewards those junior riders who show consistency across all disciplines and commitment throughout the season.

The Junior Development Committee would like to thank all those event promoters who make time to include junior races at their events and all the officials who are presented with unique challenges during our junior races, keeping track of riders in different age groups and of widely different abilities and skill levels.

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