Time Trial Cup

2018 Time Trial Cup Schedule

March 31Sandy Hook TTSandy Hook NJ
April 8Cape May TTCape May NJ
April 14Allamuchy TTAllamuchy NJ
April 28High Point Hill Climb
(no Junior classes)
Montague NJ
May 5Somerset Circuit TTReadington NJ
May 19Oldmans TTOldmans Twp. NJ
rescheduled for
June 23
Kingwood TTKingwood NJ
TBDUpper Freehold TTUpper Freehold NJ
July 1State Championship ITTChatsworth, NJ
July 15Honoring Sandrino's Sacrifice TTMullica Hill NJ
August 11Flanders TT
(no Junior classes)
Chester NJ
August 25Silvermine TTHarriman NY


Below are highlights of the New Jersey Time Trial Cup Series Rules & Guidelines. The full set of rules is available here.

Rider Qualifications to participate in the TT Cup

Any rider may participate in the individual time trial events.

Out of State riders who are registered on NJBA teams in good standing may compete in the Cup. A rider must have their team designation imprinted on their USAC license, or have a written letter from their Club president stating that the rider is a member of the Club. The rider’s Club must be a member in good standing with the NJBA. Good standing includes being fully paid no later than April 15 2017. At that point, if unpaid, no points will be counted toward the Time Trial Cup standings.

In the event a rider or club is not in good standing with either the USAC or the NJBA at the time of any race, no points from races where any deficiency existed shall be credited to the rider. It is entirely the responsibility of the rider or the riders’ team to ensure they are in good standing with the USAC and the NJBA. There will be no exceptions. Again, please note that no points will be later additionally computed, back credited, or provided for any time period where a deficiency existed or exists. It is the Riders’ responsibility to ensure personal and team compliance.

All Junior riders will score points in the TT Cup regardless of club/team affiliation.

Race Categories

* New For 2017, we will have an “A” (Cat 123) and “B” (Cat 4/5) for both men and women in the Non TT bike category.

TT Cup Categories will include; Junior Men 9-12; Junior Men 13-14, Junior Men 15-16, Junior Men 17-18, Junior Women 9-14; Junior Women 15-18, Senior Men, Cat 4/5 Men, Masters 35+, Masters 45+, Masters 55+, Masters 65+, Senior Women, Cat 4/5 Women, Non TT Bike Senior Men Cat 1/2/3, Non TT Bike Senior Women Cat 1/2/3, Non TT Bike Senior Men Cat 4/5 and Non TT Bike Senior Women Cat 4/5.

In the Non TT Bike Category, riders in this class will compete without Aero Bars or extensions. Disc wheels, spoke covers, and other forms of solid construction “Aero Wheels” such as Trispoke and Spinergy are not permitted. Bicycles shall conform to USAC rules for Mass Start Bicycles. Skinsuits are allowed and any USAC legal helmet may be worn.

Other than at the NJITT, promoters must ensure that they have, at minimum, the above-mentioned categories in all their events. This is a condition to being a promoting event in our TT Cup Series. The above categories must be provided, with no exceptions or changes so participating athletes can properly score points for the TT Cup categories in which they are competing. Promoters may add additional categories if they desire as long as all the categories noted above are present.


All races will be weighted equally.

Points will be allotted points from 20 -1 for places 1-20.

If fewer than 20 riders participate in any event category, the points awarded shall remain unchanged and awarded as noted below for all participating riders who participate and score in the race.

In the event of a tie score/time as determined by the USAC officials, the TT Cup points awarded for such placings representing the tied riders shall be aggregated and shared evenly amongst the tied riders. To score, a rider must not only register and start a race, but must also finish and be given a scored time. Any rider who “does not start”(DNS) or “does not finish” (DNF) shall not be awarded any points irrespective if the promoter includes the riders or bib number on the scoring sheets. A rider must finish with a scored time to be awarded TT Cup points.

Points are awarded according to the following schedule:

TT Cup Points Schedule


Juniors Excluded from Flanders and High Point

The promoters and townships involved have requested that Junior classes be excluded from the High Point and Flanders Time Trials for safety reasons. Thus, the Junior riders will have two less events comprising their TT Cup calendar (Their season will be 11 races with 2 drops). Again, to restate this important point, no Junior classes will be included at High Point or Flanders, and thus accordingly, no Junior shall receive any points for these events in those categories. Thus, Juniors will have a calendar equaling two less events than the adult categories.

Event Category Registration

At each race that is part of the TT Cup, all riders competing for the TT Cup Series must register in their respective TT Cup category at each race comprising the TT Cup with the possible exception of the New Jersey Individual Time Trial Championships, as noted below. Riders shall be eligible for TT CUP points only in the category in which they pre-registered. With respect to Cup Points, no changes to classification will be permitted after start times are posted.

For example, a rider competing in the Masters 35+ TT Cup grouping must register in the M35 field at each individual race in order to receive M35 TT Cup points. The sole exception is as follows: At NJITT, New Jersey Individual Time Trial Championships, due to the age brackets, riders may earn TT Cup points though racing in a NJITT age group one five year increment greater than their TT Cup group. For example, at NJITT there are groupings in 5-year increments, while the TT Cup may have 10-year increments. Thus, for example, a rider who is 42 years old, who has been competing in the M35 groupings at all other events, may elect to race the 40+ NJITT category. Despite racing the 40+ category, all results from the 35 and 40 plus category, as it relates to TT Cup points, shall be aggregated. It should also be noted that the riders in the NJITT 35+ and NJITT 40+ fields shall considered as one field as it relates to determining NJC Cup Series scoring. For example, a rider in the 40+ may win that category, win the NJITT Champion’s Jersey for the 40+ field, but if 2 riders from the NJITT M35 category have faster times, then in aggregating the 35+ and 40+ NJITT fields, that 40+ rider shall replace “third place” points. Despite having won his 40+ category, in aggregating the two categories, he had only the third fastest time.

As such, the following categories will be aggregated as noted below:

1. NJITT 35+ and NJITT 40+, aggregated to calculate TT Cup category 35+
2. NJITT 45+ and NJITT 50+, aggregated to calculate TT Cup category 45+
3. NJITT 55+ and NJITT 60+, aggregated to calculate TT Cup category 55+
4. NJITT 65+ and NJITT 70+, aggregated to calculate TT Cup category 65+

Attention NJC TT Cup Series Category 4/5 Riders:

Due to USAC’s regulations regarding State Championships, there is no Category 4/5 State Championship field at the NJITT. To earn 4/5 TT Cup Series Points, 4/5 Category riders wanting to earn Cup points need to enter the Open/Senior Men or Women’s Category.

It is important to note that if any Cat 4/5 rider enters any other category other than the Senior Men/Women at the NJITT, their score will not count as it relates to the 4/5 TT Cup Series, though they may earn TT Cup Series points in that other age grouping. It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure they have registered themselves properly in the correct field.

In sum, Category 4/5 riders (Men/Women) aiming for Category 4/5 TT Cup Points most register in Senior Men or Women to earn 4/5 TT Cup Points at the NJITT.

Tie Breaker at Season End

At season-end, in the event there are riders in the same Cup classification with the same number of total points ties are broken by totaling the number of 1st place finishes, then 2nd place finishes, then 3rd place finishes, etc., until a clear winner is established. This will apply to all categories in the NJ Time Trial Cup.

Mandatory Dropped Race or Races

For the 2017 season, we will have thirteen (13) events with the two lowest scores dropped. In determining the final computation of the TT Cup Series total points for each rider, the final computation as performed by the TT Cup Committee shall require that each rider mandatorily drop the riders’ lowest scores as noted below. This dropped scores shall be “dropped” at season end in the final computation by the TT Cup Committee.

The term Lowest Scores shall be deemed to include any races where a rider in fact completes the race and receives a placing or score or Cup points, as well as any races which a rider started but “Did Not Finish”, or any races which a rider “Did not Start”, or any race for which a rider failed to register and compete. Hence, a rider need not race a race to drop that particular race. Thus, a DNS, DNF or Failed to Register/Compete shall be considered “scores” for the sake of the mandatory dropping of scores.

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